New Horizons provides an entry point to music for adults who have little or no musical experience, or who have been musically inactive for a long period. It is also an opportunity for experienced musicians to continue their musical interests. The focus is on learning and enjoyment.

Active participation in music can fill important needs for adults, such as the need for challenging intellectual activity, the need to be a contributing member of a group or the need to have exciting events in the future, to name a few.

The first New Horizons program at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York was designed to serve the senior population. The program has since expanded to include adults of all ages, and there are now 214 New Horizons groups worldwide.
             Visit www.newhorizonsmusic.org for the international website.

The New Horizons Band Guelph has been running for over 15 years, and is a 'not for profit' organization, serving the musical interests of people in Guelph and surrounding communities.

The Instructors / Conductors / Mentors are all professional trained musicians and music teachers. We have various bands and ensembles (see Program Descriptions) and each meets weekly for rehearsals, with sessions starting in September, January and April

We have 100+ members currently. Some are playing an instrument for the first time, some are playing an instrument they have never played before and some are re-connecting with an instrument they may not have played in years.  







SPRING SESSION New Horizons Band Guelph Program Descriptions 

Concert Bands $90 for 6 weeks

Woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments are welcome.   Repertoire is fun with a wide range of musical styles explored in a traditional large concert band instrumentation.

    (Concert Band repertoire is graded on difficulty from 0-6.)

       Green Band -   Grade 0-1.5 (Beginner) - Tuesday & Thursday (1 hour each) 9:30 - Three Willows & Lakeside Church. Conductor - Andrew Cherry

Woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments welcome.  Open to anyone who wishes to learn a new instrument.  Basic instrument technique and music reading instruction are the focus of this group.  No experience necessary.

          Red Band   -  Grade 1 - 3 - Tuesday morning 9:30 - Three Willows Church. Conductor - Donna Dupuy

Open to anyone who has a moderate amount of band experience with their instrument.  The focus is on playing together as a group and following the conductor.  A wide range of musical styles are explored in traditional concert band instrumentation.

          Blue Band   -  Grade 2.5 - 4  Thursday Morning 9:30 - Lakeside Church. Conductor - Brent Rowan

This band is for those who wish to be challenged with more advanced music.  The focus is on developing a diverse repertoire and moving at a quicker pace while still creating enjoyable musical experiences.   A wide range of musical styles are explored in traditional concert band instrumentation.

Jazz Improvisation -  $90 for 6 weeks
             Monday 1:00 - Lakeside. Conductor - Brent Rowan
Learn how to improvise in a jazz setting.  The focus is on playing jazz blues tunes and learning how to interact with others to create a jazz solo.  Using blues scales and reading chord changes are taught while learning some basic fun jazz tunes.  Any level of experience is welcome but an introductory level of music theory would be beneficial.  The level of music reading is not a challenge; more emphasis is placed on listening and creating a musical reaction to what you hear.

*NEW* Intro to Jazz Improvisation -  $90 for 6 weeks 
             Monday 9:00 - Lakeside. Conductor - Brent Rowan
What on earth is Jazz Improvisation, and can I do it?  You learn how to improvise in a jazz setting. Bassoon? Flute? French Horn? Ukulele? Any musical instruments are suitable for Jazz Improvisation. 

Big Band - (Audition band) Grade 3+,  Wednesday 1:00 PM   Lakeside Church starting September 20  - $90 for 6 weeks . Conductor - Brent Rowan 

In the style of a traditional Jazz Big band or Swing Band, this ensemble will have a focus on developing a large and diverse repertoire that can be performed in a wide variety of venues. Membership in the ensemble is by audition or invitation. The ability to adapt to a variety of musical styles as well as instrumentation will be a factor for membership in this group.  The focus of this ensemble will be on reading music in a jazz big band style with some opportunities for improvisation. It is expected that the members will be able to retain a large and diverse repertoire. Instrumentation will consist of up to 4 rhythm section, 4 saxophones and 4 brass players.

Woodwind Ensemble Monday 11:00 AM   Lakeside Church - $90 for 6 weeks. Conductor - Jennifer Rodrigues

Classical and popular music with Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophones, Oboes and Bassoons. Enjoy the richness of sound made by the fellowship of collaborating woodwind instruments.  Experience how the various timbres of sound in the woodwind section fit together to create beautiful music.  Approximately grade 2-3.

Music is provided, and you are encouraged to practice on your own time as well.

We are a "Learning Band", not a "Performance Band". The primary focus is on learning and enjoyment. We do occasionally have performances where we invite family, friends and guests to hear us, or share our music with the broader community.