Our SPRUMMER (Spring into Summer) 6 week Session FOR RED BAND starting MAY 24

Covid-19 protocols will be in place

Tuesday 9:30 AM:      Red Band   (Conducted by Bill & Kelly)       At Three Willows Church

Other programs are off for the Summer break - back in September

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Learn to play music in a concert band setting--even with no musical experience!

The New Horizons Band Guelph program provides a fun and informative start to music for adults who have little or no musical experience, or who have been musically inactive for a long time, or just love to play!

For more information, please contact us!

Concert Bands - Green, Red, Blue

Jazz - Improv, Little Big Band; Ensembles - Brass, Woodwind, Funk Bucket

BEGINNERS - start with the GREEN BAND! No musical experience needed. We hope to provide a Green Band program in January



New Sessions for NHB Guelph start every September, January and April.

     Learn to play
       Return to playing
         Enjoy playing with others




You can view our May 22, 2021 LIVE CONCERT HERE on our YouTube channel


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