Inspiring music, dynamic conductors, social times and camaraderie, good food, and learning—all in a setting that fosters friendship, playing together, and FUN. These are just some of the reasons for attending a New Horizons Band Camp.

New Horizons Band Guelph is hosting a NHB Band Camp. Guelph is known as "The Royal City" and as the "City of Music"

New Horizons Band Guelph is hosting a NHB Band Camp. Guelph is known as "The Royal City" and as the "City of Music"

New Horizons Band Day Camp 

Guelph - October 27th 

Program includes full day of music, lunch and refreshments

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Morning Session:

Concert Band (Jeff Daniels, Donna Dupuy) - 9:00 - Noon

The goal of this session will be to experience the joy of making music with a new group of people.

Read through and rehearse some old, new, familiar or unfamiliar concert band arrangements with New Horizons members and conductors from Southern Ontario NHB programs.  Choose the Red Band - Intermediate (Grade 2-3) or the Blue Band - Advanced (Grade 3-4).


Afternoon Workshops (attend 2)

Big Band Jazz (Ted Warren) - 1:00-2:30 PM OR 3:00-4:30 PM

The goal of this session will be to understand how to play together as sections and fill a role within the music to create a tight big band sound.   Traditional big band set up of saxes, trombones, trumpets and rhythm section. Read through some big band jazz charts. A variety of jazz will be explored within a moderate level of difficulty (Grade 3-4).


Percussion ensemble (Dave O'Neill) - 1:00-2:30 PM OR 3:00-4:30 PM

The goal of this session will be to develop an understanding of the layers in the percussion section while making fun music that grooves!   Who needs wind instruments when you have so many things to hit?! Make some music with a wide range of concert band percussion instruments in the popular, classical and only for percussionist styles.  Knowledge of how to play and read percussion parts will be an asset for this ensemble.


Woodwind ensemble (Jennifer Rodriguez) - 1:00-2:30 PM OR 3:00-4:30 PM

The goal of this session will be to experience the various tambers of sound in the woodwind section and how they fit together to create beautiful music.   Classical and popular music with Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophones, Oboes and Bassoons. Enjoy the richness of sound made by the fellowship of collaborating woodwind instruments.  Skills needed for this ensemble approximately grade 2-3.

Brass ensemble (Andrew Cherry) - 1:00-2:30 PM OR 3:00-4:30 PM

The goal of this session will be to enjoy the development of the beautiful brass sounds.  Balance, blend, tuning and intonation will be touched on while playing a variety of repertoire.   Take away the woodwinds and percussion and you are left with the beautiful resonance of brass instruments. Enjoy some classical and popular sounds arranged for trumpet, trombone, French horn, euphonium, baritone and tuba.  Skills needed for this ensemble approximately grade 2-3.

Mindfulness and Meditation with Music (Gary Diggins)- 1:00-2:30 PM OR 3:00-4:30 PM

The goal of this session will be to experience the therapeutic benefits of intentional listening and sounding, and how to support well-being through mindful music.   Discover the power of music with intentional sounding and deep listening practices.  How does music heal the mind, body and spirit?

Funk Bucket (Adam Bowman) - 1:00-2:30 PM OR 3:00-4:30 PM

The goal of this session will be to deepen the understanding of how to read rhythms and how to hear the layers that exist in rhythm based music.  No percussion experience is needed!   Get funky with a bucket and some sticks!  A new way to break down and internalize rhythm reading.  Experience how various patterns work together and the importance of locking into the groove.

Vocal improv (Deanna Yerichuk) - 1:00-2:30 PM OR 3:00-4:30 PM  

The goal of this session will be to unlock the ways the voice can be used to create music.  Music will be learned aurally and/or created by the group.   Discover what your voice can do as a musical instrument.  No music reading or perfect pitch required, just bring an openness to making sounds with your voice

Found objects (Mary Neil) - 1:00-2:30 PM OR 3:00-4:30 PM

The goal of this session will be pure fun making music with unexpected objects.   Remember running around the house with pots and pans?  This workshop takes that to the next level. How do you make music with various objects from around your house, or even from the garbage?  Think environmentally friendly music from a garden hose french horn to a pop bottle flute…


Donna Dupuy (Concert Band)

Donna is thrilled to be a part of the New Horizons family.  As a music educator for over 23 years, Donna has taught university and high school classes in Ontario and Texas.  She graduated from the University of North Texas, where she studied with Howard Meltzer, John Kovach, Kevin Korsyn and Kathleen Reynolds.  As a bassoonist, she has performed with the San Angelo Symphony and the University of North Texas Faculty Winds. Her favorite music includes anything by Aaron Copland, Keith Jarrett or Sting.

Jeff Daniels  (Concert Band)

Jeff Daniels is an educator and musician living in Guelph, who has been teaching for 23 years. After graduating from York University's Jazz Program in 1990, and then U of T's Bachelor of Education program a year later, he began to teach music in Peel Region including ten years as part of Mayfield Secondary School's Regional Arts program where he directed jazz choirs and concert bands. He has been teaching music at Centennial Collegiate in Guelph since 2004, where he continues to direct junior and senior choirs and bands. Jeff has also been involved with a dozen shows with Royal City Music Productions in Guelph both as Musical Director and as an orchestra member. Jeff is also an active jazz pianist and singer in the Guelph and Kitchener/ Waterloo area.

Ted Warren  (Big Band Jazz)

Ted has a solid reputation as a musical, versatile drummer. He is an active member of Canada's jazz scene and has been recognized with Jazz Report's Drummer of the Year award. He studied Music at Montreal’s McGill University, and received a certificate in Jazz Studies from St. Francis Xavier University. He teaches in the Jazz Studies programs at both Mohawk College, and the University of Guelph. He is also a well-regarded clinician and adjudicator. Ted fronts his own quartet, Ted's Warren Commission.  He is a member of the Mike Murley, Mike Downes, Kieran Overs, and Ted Quinlan groups. He was the drummer for the Boss Brass and can be heard on six of their recent CDs, including Velvet and Brass (with Mel Torme), From Lush to Lively (with Oliver Jones), Even Canadians get the Blues, and The Boss Brass Plays the Jazz Classics.

Dave O’Neill  (Percussion Ensemble)

Dave is a performer and educator of all things musical. He has toured Eastern Canada and parts of the U.S., performed at numerous venues, music festivals, theatre productions, conducted clinics, workshops, does motivational speaking, and has extensive experience in the recording studio. Dave has taught privately for the last thirty years, spent four years on the part time music faculty at Mohawk College, and is a supply teacher for the Waterloo Region District School Board. He is endorsed by Headhunters Drumsticks. Dave holds B. Ed. from OSIE/U. of Toronto, a B. Mus. in Jazz Performance from U. of Toronto, as well as a Dipl.Mus. from Mohawk College. He has studied with drummers Bob McLaren, Barry Elmes, Ernie Porthouse, John Cheeseman, and Memo Acevedo.

Jennifer Rodriguez  (Woodwind Ensemble)

Jennifer Rodrigues holds a Masters Degree in Flute Performance and Literature from The University of Western Ontario and an Honours Bachelor of Music in Performance from Wilfrid Laurier University.

She has performed with Stratford Symphony and the KW Chamber Orchestra and a variety of pit orchestras including Drayton Entertainment, Stratford Festival, K-W Musical Productions, and Royal City Musical Productions. Her conducting credits include Musical Director of Les Miserables, 42nd Street, and Performing Arts Summer School productions with WCDSB and Singin’ in the Rain, Joseph, Fiddler on the Roof, The Wizard of Oz (RCMPI), Into the Woods (KWMP) .  She is one of the founding members of the New Berlin Chamber Ensemble, a woodwind quartet which has toured in Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan and appeared on TVO’s Studio 2 and CBC Radio.

Andrew Cherry  (Brass Ensemble) 

After many years of private piano lessons, Andrew continued his formal music education at McMaster University. In 1977 he graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Music from McMaster and the following year he graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor of Education. In 1978 Andrew received a teaching position in Bruce County teaching vocal music in Port Elgin.

In 1981 Andrew and his family moved to Guelph where he taught instrumental music to grade sevens and eights with the Upper Grand District School Board. From 1997 till retirement (2009) Andrew was on the music faculty at John F. Ross C.V.I. It was there that he was the conductor of the Senior and Intermediate Bands and conductor of the Royal Jazz (big band) ensemble.  Since retirement, he has had the great pleasure of being an instructor and participant with the New Horizons Band Guelph.

Gary Diggins (Mindfulness, Meditation and Music)

Gary Diggins has worked for over three decades as an expressive arts therapist. His practice combines counselling, sound therapy, and mindfulness. As an educator, Gary teaches in the Expressive Arts Department of Fleming College and lectures at various universities in Canada and abroad. Gary is the author of Tuning the Eardrums – Listening as a Mindful Practice. The content of Gary’s book has been shared in contexts such as the Social Work Department of Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In addition to Gary’s therapeutic practice, he continues to work Internationally bringing the practice of mindfulness and music to diverse communities. As a senior teacher with Mindfulness Without Borders he has facilitated sessions for genocide survivors in Rwanda, former child soldiers in Uganda, Nigerian public schools, and peace gatherings in Israel. He has collaborated with artists from India to South Korea.

Adam Bowman (Funk Bucket)

Drummer/percussionist Adam Bowman has been a mainstay in both the Canadian and international music scenes for nearly two decades. As a touring musician, Adam has been heard on stages across five continents with artists such as Juno-award winners Kellylee Evans and Carlos Morgan, Canadian independent music trail blazer Ember Swift, improvising guru VINX and country-folk songstress Dawn Langstroth, among many others. In the studio, Adam has become the drummer of choice for producers and songwriters on dozens of recordings. 2015 saw Juno-nominations for Eccodek’s Singing in Tongues and Alysha Brilla’s Womyn albums. In 2018 Alysha’s Rooted album received another nod.

Currently, Adam can be heard playing with Elise LeGrow, Alysha Brilla, Jeff Eager and Jason Raso as well as providing accompaniment for modern and contemporary dance classes with IMAGEO artworks, Dancetheatre David Earle and Guelph Dance.

Deanna Yerichuk  (Vocal Improv)

Deanna coordinates the community music program at Wilfrid Laurier University. Having completed her MEd at the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education and her PhD in Music Education at the University of Toronto, she brings a breadth of experience in vocal performance, teaching, and research. Deanna particularly loves to help people explore their singing voices. Her students come from various backgrounds, from professional musicians and actors to adults and youth who have never sung publicly but always wanted to.  Deanna works to create a nurturing, supportive learning environment in which students can take risks and discover the full potential of their singing voices.

Mary Neil (Found Objects)

Mary Neil is a local community musician and founder of KW Junk Music, a community
organization with the mandate to make music accessible to all by diverting items from the
landfill in order to create inexpensive instruments. Junk music jams bring people together, give people the chance to explore their musicianship, and encourage people to think about their personal sustainable practices.


This New Horizons Day Camp is made possible by the support of the Jane Tweeddale Legacy Fund.

Guelph Information

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