"No one in NHB programs should contract COVID from an NHB activity" - Dr. Roy Ernst, Founder of the New Horizons Program

This winter, we will continue to offer new and different musical experiences suited to the current times. Most programs will be offered online using Zoom and/or Jamulus, so you can experience playing music in the comfort and safety of your own home.


(Details can be found here: CLICK LINK)

Popular Music Ensemble - Online Jamulus & Zoom - Tuesday Mornings

Zoom Concert Band - - Variety of concert band music  -  Zoom - Thursday Mornings

Green Band - Grade 0-1.5 (Beginner) -Zoom - Thursday mornings

Jazz Improvisation I/II - Online Jamulus & Zoom - Monday mornings

Funk Bucket Percussion Ensemble - this will be our only 'in person' program, offered at GYMC - Friday mornings

"HOW TO" Workshop will be offered in advance of the program startup to help you learn to set up and use the technology that will be used in your program.

Jamulus Workshop

Learn how to download, instal, set up and use Jamulus. We will walk through all the steps right from the beginning so we all get connected. Here are some very helpful videos to help with the set up https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWKkfa4PvoTx-e3FkCacB22E6zzfcuACp We will start with a Zoom meeting.

Zoom Workshop

Learn how to download, instal, set up and use the latest version of Zoom. We will walk through all the steps right from the beginning so we all get connected. You may use a PC or Mac laptop, desktop (with microphone), smart phone or tablet. We will optimize your settings for playing and listening to music. You will need to download the free Zoom App to your computer / device for this workshop at https://zoom.us/


We miss everybody!

We miss everybody!

In the meantime, some informative or entertaining Links:

Is it Safe to Go Back to Rehearsals? - New Horizons International Music Association


(If you have other sites that you think we should share. please let us know at music@nhbguelph.com.)

Sax: Saxophone resources - McGill

Clarinet: Clarinet Mentor

CMUSE - Music News and Entertainment - Music articles and reviews covering genres such as classical, jazz, rock and pop, along with some music fun, music tech, inspiring stories, lists & quizzes.

8notes.com  - Hundreds of pieces of sheet music and accompaniment or all major instruments. The basic registration is free: a $20 annual subscription provides unlimited access to a library of additional pieces.

CHALLENGE TO ALL NHB MUSICIANS during this time of physical distancing - offered by NHB Founder Roy Ernst. 



Learn to play music in a concert band setting--even with no musical experience!

The New Horizons Band Guelph program provides a fun and informative start to music for adults who have little or no musical experience, or who have been musically inactive for a long time, or just love to play!

For more information, please contact us!

Concert Bands - Green, Red, Blue

Jazz - Improv, Little Big Band; Ensembles - Brass, Woodwind, Funk Bucket


BEGINNERS - start with the Green Band! No musical experience needed.

New Sessions start every September, January and April.

     Learn to play
       Return to playing
         Enjoy playing with others


Practicing your rhythms?

Practicing your rhythms?