With an abundance of caution for the health and safety of our members and their families, we will continue to offer online programs this winter. We know how to do this well! We learned a lot last year to make these programs work, and feedback from participants was very positive.

Our goal is ultimately return to in-person programs, and we will continue to monitor public health guidelines, consult with venues, and our membership to determine when a transition to in-person rehearsals is safe and viable.

We offer the following 10 week programs this fall starting the week of January 17: 

Monday 10:00              Jazz Improvisation           Jamulus+Zoom

Tuesday 9:30               Red Band                           Zoom alone OR Zoom+Jamulus

Wednesday 1:00           Little Big Band                  Jamulus+Zoom  (Audition Band)

Thursday 9:30              Blue Band                          Zoom alone OR Zoom+Jamulus


All members are welcome, even if you have not participated in online (telematic) music in the past. Invite a friend too!

JAMULUS + ZOOM BAND- real time on-line sessions with other musicians with Zoom for video
ZOOM AND/OR JAMULUS BANDS - participants join in either through ZOOM alone, or with both Zoom and Jamulus, whichever format they prefer. Jamulus players will play in real-time. Zoom players will be muted and will hear and play along with the recordings and Jamulus musicians. (This is the same format that was used in the Spring sessions.) 


We will have a Q&A Technical Session to help you with your technical setup on Tuesday, January at 10 AM. This is open to anyone, including people who need a refresher. It will be a Zoom meeting at xxxxx  

One-on-one Technical Support is also available from fellow members, and can help you get your system set up and configured prior to rehearsals. Email us at to arrange technical support.

MUSIC WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR YOU TO DOWNLOAD.  Zoom link, music link and Jamulus address will be sent out after registrations close on January 13th
We will not be able to offer a Green Band program in the fall, but are planning for a return as soon as we are able.


Cost per program: $110




A simple 2 step process:
1. Complete the registration form (survey) by clicking HERE 

2. Make payment by: